Hello everyone!

My name is Tatiana and I am a 23-year-old who loves to shop and save money. It makes me happy when they go hand and hand together. I live with my fiance’ (Mark), my disabled father (Peter), and our two dogs (Prince and Princess). Just like most families, we are on a fixed income. Currently, Mark and I take care of my father but are otherwise unemployed. Although Mark is in bartending school, it is not easy for him to go since we do not have a car. I dream of going to beauty school and getting my Cosmetology license but, once again, it isn’t easy to go without a car. So my goal: Save up for a car. On a fixed income, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do. My goal is to change things up so that we can easily save money and get a car.

I am a first time saver and couponer so this will be a new journey for me. I recently started watching “Extreme Couponers” on Netflix and immediately got hooked! Last night, as tired as I was, I couldn’t go to sleep. I had to keep watching it. I couldn’t believe how much they were saving! I thought “If they can do it, so can I!” Now, of course, I can’t go to their extent or even close to what they have, but I can at least start saving. Since we do not have a car we have to walk to the store or take the bus. We can only buy what will fit into our backpacks (Mark and me) and bags we can carry. That means shopping is difficult for us. We cannot buy in bulk or any excess. Small amounts only. That means no even attempting to buy multiple items, even if I can get them for free. But one thing I can do is start using coupons and my first goal is to begin shopping only for items I need that I can use a coupon with. This is not going to be an easy task. My dad is VERY (so much that this has to be capitalized, bold, and italicized) picky. He will only use certain brands. I have sensitive skin so there are some products I personally cannot use. Mark will use just about anything put in front of him.

With my goal set, I am beginning my journey. Throughout, I will be sharing my experience. I will give tips, share my mistakes and what I learned from them, share my coupon sources, sign up for free samples and share where I got them, and also do some product reviews on the free samples.

I will share my journey, how I am completing it, and share the savings with you! I hope you enjoy it. 🙂